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Tai Chi 6 week introduction course

Begin your journey with this tai chi  6 week course. Ideal for beginners and intermediates. Explore how the exercises of tai chi integrate your body. Un­like most forms of exercise and sport, Tai Chi doesn’t depend on force, strength and speed. Tai Chi is suitable for everyone – both young and old, strong or not. It uses the principles of softness and relaxation and good body alignment to keep the body strong and the mind still.    

This course will cover three main aspects to learning the traditional Chinese art:

Centralising Chi (Energy)

The first focuses on bringing the energy – Chi – to the centre of the body (Tan Tien) through meditation exercises (Chi Kung. It stills the mind, improves body alignment to achieve a relaxed state.

Circulating Chi (Energy)

The Tai Chi Chuan form and warm up exercises form the second element. This circulates the Chi throughout the body. 

Applied Chi (Energy)

Partner exercises, posture testing or exchange of hands (known as Gau Sau), are used to experience and refine the Tai Chi Principles through practice. It is an important part of practice to gain better insight and understanding of applied energy.  

About the course...

Great for beginners

Our six-week introductory course is a great way to start your Tai Chi journey. Focusing on the beginner, no previous tai chi knowledge is required. We’ll take you from the start.

Improve your health

Tai chi has been recommended for improving health through good balance, alignment of posture and good circulation. This is done through the three pillars of tai chi, Centralising energy through standing meditation, circulating energy through the beautiful tai chi form, and then applied energy through posture testing and application. 

Authentic tai chi

In this course we focus on the Tai Chi principles at the core of the true internal art and their application within the form. Tai chi is much more than gentle movement. To try and give you the essence of the art the six weeks will take you through the basic exercises to exploring the principles to allow you get some immediate benefits.  

Structured lessons

The format of the lessons are: 

  1. Standing Meditation – Align the body and create mindfulness
  2. Warm Up Exercises- Gentle low impact exercises to circulate energy
  3. Learning the foundation form. – Each week you will cover new moves aligned to the tai chi principles.
Quality Instruction

Each instructor is highly experienced with the standard personally assessed by Master Ding. In order to maintain instructor status, each instructor must attend regular training and be able to demonstrate the tai chi principles. 

The Master Ding Academy has been established since 1990 and exists to preserve and promote authentic Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. 

Tailored course

Every person is unique and the course is adapted according to the needs of the group . This means you will be able to learn tai chi at your natural pace and learning to go with the flow ! 


It may not be too late to join. In general the second week is a recap of the first week to allow students to consolidate everything they have learnt in the first week. The best way is to contact the instructor as there may also be other alternatives.

While it is recommended to attend all 6 lessons in order to get the maximum out of your course it, sometimes it is not possible. Speak to the instructor to see if options are available for catchup. The principle behind the 6 weeks is to allow you to find out if you can bring tai chi into your lifestyle and we have found that 6 weeks is the optimum time needed.

We have two locations available:

  • Newbury , at the Wesley Hall in the Newbury Methodist Church on Northbrook street.
  • Thatcham, at the Newbury and Thatcham Hockey Club on Kenwick Lane

Both locations have car parking facilities.

The cost of the course is £55 for 6 lessons unless otherwise stated at time of enrolment.

Tai chi for young people is more relevant in today’s modern world than ever. With regular practice tai chi trains the mind to be calm, exercises the whole body to remain strong and supple through a wide range of movements in the form. Embodied within the form and tai chi principles, are the ingredients of the potent internal martial art. It is based on aligning the body allowing it to relax and act as a single unit. Utilising energy and stillness, it can overcome speed and strength.

Within the world of Tai Chi Chuan some practitioners start from early childhood and train for their entire lives. Tai Chi is for everyone and is not exclusive to any race, gender or age. It is practised by millions across the globe. For those with restricted movement, the form can be adapted to start from a confident position. The through gentle regular practice, tai chi builds strength and encourages the practitioner to expand the range of capability.  

Of the thousands of people who take up Tai Chi, only a few will actually develop enough skill to teach, and fewer still have the ability to truly demonstrate the Tai Chi principles, expressing Tai Chi’s legendary softness. Master Ding is fully committed to transmitting this art to those who continue to work and improve the quality of their Tai Chi. All MDA’s instructors are regularly assessed to ensure that they maintain the high standard expected. Further, Master Ding is accessible to students and instructors through workshops, seminars and retreats.

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